Regional Advisers

Chittenden-Grand Isle 

Jesse Warren, Burlington, 202.812.1800



Northern: Essex, Orleans, Franklin, Caledonia, Lamoille 

Jackie Stanton, Johnson, 802.730.8178



South West: Bennington, Rutland, Addison 

Ryan Gyukeri, Weybridge

Ryan Shea Gyukeri is a 22-year-old senior at UVM who grew up in Addison County and got his political start working on the campaign of Sen. Sanders. If elected to the coordinating committee, he'd work to make the Progressives a populist force in the state. If we have a strong economic justice program, the Progressive party can become a larger and more independent force in state politics. We can and should have healthcare, environmental, and labor platforms that are independent of the state Democrats. He is a member of Democratic Socialists of America


Central: Washington, Orange 

Traven Leyshon, Middlesex, 802.522.3484

Traven Leyshon is a long-time organizer for independent working class based politics. Most immediately that means supporting a bold agenda to improve the lives of all Vermonters and our communities. He is a former CoCo member, a member of the Leadership Team of Rights and Democracy, President of the Green Mountain Labor Council, on the Executive Committee of the Vemront AFL-CIO, and a founding member of the Vermont Workers Center. As a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, he sees strengthening our Party as part of building a movement which can replace the current economic and social system based on class division, racism, patriarchy, exploitation, and ecocide with a new society based on consistent democracy, collective ownership, and solidarity. 

South East: Windham, Windsor  

Spoon Agave, Brattleboro, 802.257.0533


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