Statement of Principles

  • The purpose of the Progressive Party is to promote economic, social and environmental justice and sustainability through electoral and other democratic political activities, and to become the majority political party, while protecting minority and individual rights and opportunities.
  • Our country, state and localities can reach their highest social and economic aspirations through truly representative democracy.
  • All people have a right to equal participation in society.
  • Democracy requires empowering people not only in government, but also in the workplace, schools and in the overall economy.
  • Society’s wealth should not be concentrated in the hands of a few, and a wealthy minority should not control the conditions under which we live.
  • Collective organizing is essential for people of low and moderate income to attain economic justice.
  • Everyone is entitled to decent work at a living wage in a safe working environment.
  • We need to create an economy that is sustainable and reverses the destruction of our global environment.
  • The burden of taxes should be shared based on ability to pay.
  • Basic needs, including housing, food, health care, education and energy should be affordable to all and not the means for private profit.
  • Directing more resources toward the care and development of children is essential to a health and prosperous society.
  • Our society’s deeply rooted racism and white privilege, whether overt, subtle or institutional, need to be abolished wherever they exist.
  • The prevalence of sexism, both overt and subtle, limits and damages us all. More than merely encouraging women to fully participate, we must affirmatively assure their inclusion in all aspects of economic and civil society.
  • Seniors and people with disabilities should be able to participate fully in society without economic deprivation or social isolation.
  • All people, regardless of sexual orientation, should be able to participate fully in society without interference. We must affirmatively ensure their inclusion in all aspects of society.
  • Our society’s deeply rooted discrimination against low-income people, whether overt, subtle or institutional, needs to be abolished wherever it exists.
  • Consistent with the rights and equality of others, religious and cultural minority groups deserve respect and freedom from governmental interference.
  • Community members should be fully integrated into decision-making about the economic destinies of their communities. Those who operate a small business or farm, or are self-employed, must be protected from the overreaching power of mega-corporations.
  • Human labor is the key to creation of wealth. We challenge the assumed right to derive vast wealth from ownership or position.
  • No nation should exploit the labor or resources of another nation or people.
  • Human survival requires the elimination of nuclear weapons and the redirection of military spending to human needs.

adopted November 16, 1999

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