Coordinating Committee Officers

STATE CHAIR: Anthony Pollina, Middlesex, 802.272.3765

Anthony represents Washington County in the Vermont State Senate. Before election to the Senate in 2010, Anthony spent over 30 years as a community organizer, advocate and educator, committed to helping citizens have a stronger voice in policy decisions that affect them. He continues that commitment today in the Senate. He was previously the Progressive candidate for Governor and Lt. Governor. He was previously the founder and Director of Rural Vermont and a senior Advisor to Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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STATE VICE CHAIR: Meg Polyte, Burlington, 802.343.2604

Megan Polyte was the 2016 campaign manager for Lt. Governor David Zuckerman, and currently serves as his chief of staff. She often travels internationally to train and support local leaders, identify community needs, and help communities realize their own capacity. Both internationally and locally she is an advocate for grassroots organizations and believes education and collaboration are strong tools for social change. Meg has been deeply involved with the Progressive Party since 2000 including running many statewide and local campaigns, chairing town and county committees, and serving on the Coco. She has a B.S. in Management and Leadership with a Russian minor (1995) and a M.S. in Education (2010) from St. Michael's College and extensive board and non-profit experience.

Meg Brook

STATE SECRETARY: Chris Brimmer, South Ryegate, 802.535.5628

Chris was a military dependent, then a traveling salesman's stepson, so moved frequently as a child. After an unfinished attempt at a UU pre-seminary program, he served in the USCG, until suffering devastating multiple injuries, including spinal cord damage. While learning to walk again, he used vocational rehab benefits from the VA to earn a degree in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma. He has lived in Vermont since 2000, and like many rural Vermonters, does several different things to make a living. He works part-time for the town of Fairlee, has his own consulting business, has a small farm, and even smokes meats and makes BBQ sauce on the side. His goal is a sustainable living and lifestyle. He currently also serves as Caledonia County Chair.

Chris Brimmer


STATE TREASURER: Martha Abbott, Underhill, 802.899.4740

Martha previously served as Chair of the Party for 12 years, before stepping down to run for Treasurer in November 2013 with the goal of focusing solely on fundraising. Money is our biggest obstacle to growth and increased success. In her other life, she runs a tax business and has helped maintain the party's books and taken care of the party's taxes for years. She has run several statewide campaigns as a Progressive and has been a member of the party from the very beginning.

Martha Abbott

STATE ASSIST TREASURER: Morgan Daybell, Montgomery, 802.326.4603

Morgan was the Director of the Party from 2007-12. In that role, he recruited and supported dozens of candidates for the Vermont House and Senate. He is currently Business Manager for Franklin NE Supervisory Union, hired after serving ten years on the school board. Morgan is an EMT for Montgomery Rescue. He has a Master's in Public Administration from UVM. 

Morgan Daybell

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