Tell Gov. Scott to Sign the Budget

Hello Friends,   You have probably heard that Governor Scott Plans to veto our state budget in response to the legislature rejecting his plan to weaken the right of teachers to collectively bargain. This blatant attempt to undermine workers’ rights comes straight out of the national right-wing playbook, and is…

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Progressives Appeal Ruling on Public Financing of Elections

IF YOU SUPPORT PUBLIC FINANCING, PLEASE DONATE TO OUR LEGAL FUND HERE May 10th, 2017   Contact Josh Wronski Executive Director, Vermont Progressive Party (802) 229-0800   Burlington, VT – The Vermont Progressive Party filed an appeal with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York City in…

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Three big votes

Hello Friends,   What a week it’s been! This week our legislators voted on three major pieces of legislation. They voted on cannabis reform, paid family leave, and Gov. Scott’s last minute attempt to undermine the right of teachers to collectively bargain health insurance with their school boards. On all…

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Legislative Update

Hello Friends,   Now that we are two thirds of the way through the legislative session, I wanted to give you an update on where we stand on a few key pieces of Progressive supported legislation. This year Progressive Party members identified key social, economic and environmental issues in our…

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For Immediate Release: Progressives Raise Questions Over Canceled Recount

Contact: Josh Wronski Executive Director, Vermont Progressive Party (802) 229-0800   Emma Mulvaney-Stanak Chair, Vermont Progressive Party (802) 999-6723   Montpelier, VT – The long awaited recount of the Orange-1 House race between Progressive Susan Hatch Davis and Republican Robert Frenier was abruptly canceled Wednesday morning. House members…

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Progressive Statewide Meeting

Sunday, February 19th  1 pm to 4 pm Location: Edmunds Elementary  School (299 Main St, Burlington)  The Women’s Caucus will meet for a potluck lunch at 11:30 am at Emma Mulvaney-Stanak’s house (79 Front St, Burlington) before the meeting. The Labor Commission will meet immediately following the meeting.  All are welcome.…

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Misdirected Criticism

Emma Mulvaney-Stanak
State Chair, Vermont Progressive Party
Former Burlington City Councilor

On January 12th, Mayor Weinberger addressed the Burlington City Democratic Caucus and took direct aim at the Progressive Party. He toggled between praising current Progressive City Councilors for their collaborative nature and then harshly labeling local Progressives as divisive, reactionary and fringe. The Mayor also declared Progressives as anti-environment and anti-worker, among many other distorted labels. He went on to claim Democratic credit for recent pro-environment and pro-worker efforts in the city, yet neglected to note that virtually all of these efforts were started by Progressives. Progressives initiated Burlington’s move towards 100% renewable energy sourcing by positioning the Burlington Electric Department to purchase the Winooski hydro plant and by creating the McNeil plant. It was Progressives who pushed recent pro-worker efforts such as supporting the Howard Center workers and maintaining livable wage standards for contractors/businesses at the airport while the Mayor opposed both measures. Clearly, the Mayor’s critique of the Progressive Party is misplaced and his efforts to give the bulk of the credit to Democrats for Burlington’s successes ignores the efforts of 30 years of Progressive leadership in Burlington.



The Mayor was exactly what he criticized local Progressives to be – reactionary. Many residents recently organized and opposed a major development project at the downtown mall and two related ballot initiatives in November. The Mayor chose to label these residents and anyone who agreed with them “fringe and reactionary.” What the Mayor sees and labels as “fringe” opinions is democracy in action. These residents represent the underrepresented voices and neighborhoods in the city. The Mayor should embrace differences of opinion and find ways to convene underrepresented residents, not push them away. For Burlington to be a stronger, better community, everyone in Burlington should feel welcomed and encouraged to participate in matters that impact our community.

More importantly, attacking the local Progressive Party and labeling the Party as fringe based on recent city council endorsements represents the Mayor’s poor knowledge of who our 2017 council candidates are and why they are running for local office. While any council candidate should have formed an opinion of the high profile recent development projects, labeling someone who disagrees with the Mayor fringe or reactionary is out of line. The 2017 Progressive endorsed candidates include: City Council President Jane Knodell, a champion of those exact development projects as well as many neighborhood revitalization projects, Charles Winkleman, an early educator and dedicated activist looking to address affordability issues for young people in Burlington, and Charles Simpson, an academic and champion of public transportation and strengthening neighborhood communities.

While Winkleman and Simpson disagreed with aspects of the mall development project, they do not deserve such reactionary labeling by our Mayor. These candidates are running on more than one single issue. Moreover, there are various opinions on the development project within the Progressive Party. Disagreement and discourse is healthy in a democracy within a city and within a Party. It is the job of elected leaders to take the high road and be defenders of good process and stronger communities. Elected leaders should also expect to be criticized and challenged. It comes with the territory. It is the job of leaders to go high in these moments. The Mayor went low.

Vermont Progressive Party State Committee Meeting Minutes 5/31/2014

Vermont Progressive Party State Committee Meeting Minutes Statehouse Cafeteria, Montpelier, VT 5/31/2014 Meeting called to order at 1:00 pm. Approximately 80 state committee members and VPP members were in attendance. Coordinating Committee Vacancies The Chair, Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, explained the vacancies and the process under VPP bylaws for filling the seats.…

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Progressives Announce Slate of 21 Candidates

June 1, 2014; Anne Galloway; VTDigger The Vermont Progressive Party will have four statewide candidates, three incumbent senators and 14 House candidates running for office in the 2014 election. The Progressive party, one of four state major parties, announced its slate on Saturday — well ahead of the Vermont Democratic…

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May 2014 State Committee Meeting – Proposed Agenda

Vermont State Committee Meeting May 31, 2014; 1:00-4:00PM Vermont Statehouse, Montpelier 12-1PM: New Pre-Session: Progressive Women’s Caucus Bring your own lunch and join the women of the Progressive Party for an informal discussion of politics, running for office, & being a woman in a world where we are far from…

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Former Progressive State Rep to Run for Lieutenant Governor

May 8, 2014; Andrea Suozzo; VTDigger It’s been 14 years since Dean Corren left the Vermont House. But with the state moving ever closer to providing universal health insurance coverage, he says it’s time to get back in the game. “I think this one of the most exciting times since…

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Will the House balk at holding an earlier primary?

March 31, 2014; Nancy Remsen; Burlington Free Press Robert Millar, executive director of the Vermont Progressive Party, worries about making changes to the process so late in an election year. Many Vermonters wouldn’t be aware of the schedule change — which obviously isn’t yet official, he said. And the change…

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