RAD Endorses Progressive Slate of Candidates in Burlington Elections

The following is a press release from the Burlington Progressive Steering Committee 


Feb 1st, 2018


Kelly Mangan
Chair, Burlington Progressives
Phone: (802) 324 – 6560
Email: kellyannmangan@gmail.com


Josh Wronski
Director, Vermont Progressive Party
Phone: (802) 229-0800
Email: josh@progressiveparty.org


Burlington, VT – Activist organization Rights and Democracy (RAD), announced their endorsements of candidates running for City Council and School Board in Burlington on Tuesday. The endorsements included the slate of Progressive Party candidates running for City Council. RAD announced their support of Mayoral candidate, Carina Driscoll, in December. Carina was also endorsed by the Progressive Party.


“We are very pleased that our slate of Progressive candidates has earned the endorsement of RAD’s members. I think it’s clear that many Burlingtonians are dissatisfied with the status quo and are looking to more third party and independent candidates to speak for them in the halls of power,” said Kelly Mangan, Chair of the Burlington Progressive Party. She went on to say “I respect the work of RAD and other grassroots organizations who strive to ensure that everyone in our community is being heard, and that our electoral races are focused on the issues that matter most to working people. Our democracy needs this now more than ever.”


RAD endorsed Progressive candidates include:


Carina Driscoll – Mayor
Max Tracy – Ward 2 City Council
Brian Pine – Ward 3 City Council
Jesse Warren – Ward 5 City Council
Charles Simpson – Ward 6 City Council
Ali Dieng – Ward 7 City Council
JF Carter Neubieser – Ward 8 City Council


“I am incredibly humbled to receive the endorsement of Rights and Democracy,” said JF Carter Neubieser, candidate for Ward 8 City Council. “The current administration and its supporters on City Council, including my opponent, have not represented the diverse needs of our community. This slate stands for an alternative vision that will place the environment, working class people, young people, and people of color, ahead of the interests of wealthy developers.”

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