Rep. Cindy Weed: A Positive “1-2-3” View of Vermont

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This week's legislative update is from Representative Cindy Weed from Enosburgh Falls. In her update she discusses the press conference that Progressive held at the beginning of the legislative session. At the press conference, our legislators directly challenged Gov. Scott's negative "6-3-1" view of Vermont which sends the message that our state is not a good place to live and work in. Progressives have a more positive view of our state. Check out Cindy's update below to learn more. 


Rep. Cindy Weed

We have been in the 2018 legislative session just ten days and Progressive legislators have already held a widely attended press conference so that we could celebrate our state and tout its successes.


For one, Vermont is the best state to be born in and the second best state to live in according to recent national studies. Out of all 50 states (plus the District of Columbia, Vermont is “the best state to be born in,” the one that gives its residents “the best shot at success” according to the 2017 Opportunity Index, a project of Opportunity Nation and Measure of America. The project gave Vermont the highest score in the 2017 version of its annual study and comfortably ahead of second-place Minnesota. Vermont is the top ranked for the second consecutive year.

The Best State for Opportunity Is … Vermont? | Acumen | OZY

The newly released Opportunity Index shows you’re best off being born in the Green Mountain State.

According to USA News, Vermont also ranks No. 1 in crime & corrections, followed by Maine and Rhode Island. Of the top-10 states for public safety Vermont and Massachusetts rank among the overall top-10 Best States based on juvenile incarceration, prison over population, crime and violent offenses.

Best States for Crime & Corrections | US News Best States

The crime & corrections rankings evaluated states on two general measures: their rates of both violent and property crimes, and their management of prison systems and ...

Secondly, Vermont ranked number two in CNBC’s America's best states to live. The Quality of Life was a part of their annual ‘America's Top States for Business’ study. The Green Mountain State offers the nation's lowest violent crime rate. In 2009 the Vermont state legislature became the first in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage, and it has followed that action with a robust slate of anti-discrimination laws. Vermonters are healthy, and with the nation's second-lowest rate of uninsured residents, they are likely to stay that way.Vermont ranked third in Quality of Life in 2016. 

America's top states to live in 2017 - CNBC

Think you live in the best possible place? These states get high marks for their low crime, inclusiveness and the good health of their citizens.

We are working hard in Montpelier to ensure that Vermont retains its top ranking as “the best state to be born in,” as well as the safest, and hope to move up to number one in “Quality of Life”.


Please contact me with your comments or questions at the statehouse Tuesday-Friday at 828-2228 or at home Saturday, Sunday, or Monday at 933-2545 or email me at You can also visit to follow the committees, proposed legislation, and read the House and Senate calendars and journals.

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