Our Revolution: The Political Revolution Continues! Attend Your Local Progressive Party Caucus



Last week, we wrote to inform you about the Democratic Party reorganization throughout your state. Since then, we have been excited to learn that the Vermont Progressive Party will also be holding caucuses all over the state to elect town committee officers this month.


The Progressive Party is active in advocating for a $15 per hour minimum wage, healthcare for all, free public college and divesting the state from fossil fuels. By becoming locally involved with the party, you can take an active role in promoting this progressive platform in your community and across the state.


You have an opportunity to vote in this election (or even run for a position yourself!) by turning up at your town caucus. You even have an opportunity to form a new town committee if your town is not yet organized. Organizing more towns helps the Progressive Party advance their legislative agenda and grows our base of support to elect more Progressive candidates locally and statewide.


In order to participate, you must be registered to vote in the town for which you wish to vote or run for a position, and turn up to your town caucus. Learn more and find out when your local caucus is being held.


Thank you for being part of the political revolution.


In solidarity,


Chandra Paetsch
Our Revolution Member and Volunteer Coordinator

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