For Immediate Release: Burlington Progressives are in Solidarity with Teachers

The following is a press release from the Burlington Steering Committee 
 September 15th 2017
Josh Wronski 
Executive Director, Vermont Progressive Party
BURLINGTON – A statement from the Burlington Progressive Steering Committee was released today, recognizing the difficult work of the school board but ultimately supporting teachers in their strike.
"We understand that the BSD School Board, made up of citizen volunteers, has a hard and often thankless job doing what they believe is best for the city. We acknowledge the difficulties created by outside forces, as, for example, the recent attack on teachers' health benefits by the Governor.
Our Burlington teachers and their union are on the front lines of a system which attempts to satisfy the needs of children, teachers, and parents. They do an extraordinary job despite the pressures which confront them daily. We support their right to strike for an end to an imposed contract and the resolution of a fair contract.
 We call on the School Board to end the imposition of the contact, and encourage both sides to work towards a fair resolution as quickly as possible. Progressives will continue to fight for a more equitable tax system at the state level, and reject austerity measures that exacerbate the problems in our schools. We support a fair contract for teachers, and a bargaining process that treats them respectfully and equitably.“

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