Meeting Minutes – 6/8/17 CoCo Meeting

Conference Call


Chair Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, Vice-Chair Morgan Daybell, Sec. Chris Brimmer, Treasurer Martha Abbot, Asst. Treasurer Meg Polyte, at large Mike Kane, Corey Decker, Barbra Pine, Executive Director Josh Wronski.


Absent: At Large Carl Davis, Adam Norton and Susan Hatch-Davis.


1) Meeting called to order at 7:33.


2) Discussed the State Chair transition and a division of duties. Chair paired down to a spokesperson for the party, Morgan and Meg taking over the day to day duties, Josh taking the administrative piece. Martha continue on the fundraising. Anthony Pollina has agreed to be considered for Interim Chair. Way the job is currently structured it is almost impossible for someone with a day job and a real life to do it, breaking out functions will allow others to work for the slot. Unassigned duties over a dozen behind the scenes, back office tasks; Meg will take office moving, Josh evaluation; Martha the legislative debrief, Barb town chair and debrief; Mike the press conference work; Corey is stepping away from the CoCo and the VPP positions effective immediately after the call; Chris will take data entry and note signing. Motion by Chris to accept the transition plan as presented, seconded by Martha, by acclamation.


3) Chris moved to nominate Anthony Pollina for interim Chair, and amended to add Meg for Vice Chair and Morgan Asst. Treasurer, seconded by Martha. Point of information on the gender split between Chair and Vice Chair per our bylaws. Required to have at least one of the people holding Vice Chair or Chair position be a woman so proposal is to have Meg and Morgan switch roles. Motion as amended passed by majority of the CoCo (7 yes, 1 no).


4) Party reorganization, Josh and Morgan; Josh sent out a reorg timeline, Town caucus between Sept 10-30th, Barb asked about the purpose of reorganization, Josh explained that the state laws concerning political parties require the reorg hoops be passed though, election of officers, platform adoption and a minimum number of Towns and Counties organized for major party status. He laid it out as follows:


Town Caucus: Sept 10th – Sept 30th
State chair must notify town committee 14 days prior
Public notice must go up 5 days prior
chair and secretary must mail notice and names to SOS and party chair within 72 hours of caucus


County Caucus: Less than 45 Days after town caucuses (Oct 25th if caucuses begin on Sept 10th)
Delegates must be notified by email or mail 10 days prior
chair and secretary must mail notice and names to SOS and party chair within 72 hours of caucus


State Convention: 15 – 30 Days after county caucuses (Currently set for Nov 12th)

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