Meeting Minutes – 5/13/17 State Committee Meeting

Wilder Library, Wilder, VT


1) Meeting called to order by State Chair, Emma Mulvaney-Stanak at 1:00 pm.


2) Announcements: platform review will begin by a 5-member committee, led by Mike Kane, will review platform plank by plank and seek ally organization input as reach certain topics; 2 at large seats on the CoCo are open. RAD update, Coco is working on developing an agreement on how to coexist and work together on shared goals.


3) Upper Valley Young Liberals were guest speakers. Shared they are an outgrowth of the Sanders campaign. In process to incorporate into a non-profit. Supported VPP candidates in the past and get young people to run for office. 2016 saw 2 candidates from the organization get the VPP endorsement. They would like VPP help on the Vermont side of the river. Website


4) Membership development and outreach, look at fall organizing and recruitment of candidates. Need people to attend the events with VPP information. How can we tweak the literature and newsletters? Two events in Brattleboro and Bennington need a VPP presents. 730-830 May 23 teleconference.


5) The usual fundraising pitch. Concern about off year finances, need to raise organizing money.


6) State Budget Presentation, Public Assets. Structural challenges, revenue shortfall in the general fund prevents investment in needed social infrastructure, the current needs budget is never met. There is a disconnect between revenue growth and economic growth, healthcare is eating up increasing amounts of the budget. Housing, childcare and tuition are making the economic system even more regressive. Need the process to be more strategic and investment driven, One Vermont Proposal.


7) Moved to CoCo election, two positions open. Three candidates, Susan Hatch Davis, Steve May, Barb Prine. State Committee voted by ballot.


8) Legislative review, video and in person presentations from the Progressive Caucus.


9) Susan Hatch Davis (Washington) and Barb Prine (Burlington) elected to open CoCo seats.


10) Emma adjourned the meeting at 4:04.



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