Meeting Minutes – 4/15/17 CoCo Meeting

11am – 1:30pm

VPP Office (Hinge), Burlington VT


Present at the meeting: Chair Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, Sec. Chris Brimmer, Asst. Treasurer Meg Polyte, at large Adam Norton, Barbara Prine, Mike Kane, Corey Decker, Executive Director Josh Wronski.
Absent: Martha Abbott, Morgan Daybell, Carl Davis


1) Membership Outreach Update. Josh gave an update on membership building events with David Zuckerman. David is a great draw. Events are good for reorg coming up this Summer. Trying to hook up with the Bernie people and the MoveOn, resistance organizations. Meg insists that we need to show up at the public events, demonstrations, etc. Emma suggested that maybe an outreach group needs to form back up to organize representation at other’s events. Names circulated and will be contacted. Meg volunteered to help organize. Decision: Agreement to form a committee for outreach wit charge of revising the party brochure, attending events to help promote the Party. Meg will help convene the committee. Possible names. Lauren Pyatt, Charles Winkleman, Matt Riley, UVYL folks,


2) Platform timeline reviewed. Emma reviewed the process. Mike is heading up the committee, he is looking to break it up into pieces, Mike sees this as being organized around the elevator speech, advertising for the party rather than getting into the weeds on policy details. Adam thinking maybe this could be used as an organizing tool by bringing in outside voices. Emma thought that this could also be a tool for solidarity with other allied organizations and to make sure we reach out to ally organizations for feedback/help on revisions of certain topics that align with their mission. Reviewed and endorsed timeline as introduced by Mike for work.


3) May State Committee Meeting agenda. Tabled for possible email exchange.


4) Personnel policy amendments discussed. Motion by Barb to change that more than one vacation day in month prior to an election day (Town Meeting or November election) requires chair approval and rollover vacation time be extended 3 to 5 days and extend six days from 3 to 5 days. Second by Adam, by acclamation of members present. Note that when Party does next staff evaluation that we consider adding a longevity day (additional leave day to acknowledge a year of service to organization).


5) Candidate policy amendments reviewed and discussed. Motion by Adam to amend three sections of the policy - Section E #3 (data sharing) and #9 (template approval) and the Candidate Payment process. Seconded by Corey, approved by acclamation of members present.


6) Discussion of the State Budget vote, six of seven members of the caucus voted for the budget and some Party members disagreed with that vote/strategy. We are holding a conference call with caucus members and party members to encourage dialogue/feedback. Clear we have some work to do with better communication between caucus and party members as well as possible mentoring.


7) RAD presentation. Brittany Nevins (board chair) and James Haslam (Director). C-4 advocacy org, now split into a C-3 as well, now expanded into NH. Mission to bring people together into groups working for civil and climate rights. Don’t affiliate with political parties and have endorsed all party candidates but trends progressive candidates. Doesn’t see a ton of overlap but complementary tactics are different but sees shared values with the VPP. Focus currently economic and environmental justice, criminal justice reform and health care reform, universal system. Looking for cooperation for an endorsement process for the next campaign. Looking at running RAD candidates.


Decision: Committee will draft a proposal for RAD. Meg will chair committee. Other members include Corey, Josh and Chris.


8) Meeting adjourned at 135 pm.

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