Meeting Minutes – CoCo Meeting 3/23/17

VPP CoCo Notes 3/23/17
Conference Call
Present: Chair Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, Vice-Chair Morgan Daybell, Treasurer Martha Abbot, Sec. Chris Brimmer, at large Adam Norton, Corey Decker, Executive Director Josh Wronski.

Absent: Barb Prine, Meg Polyte, Mike Kane, and Carl Davis

Emma gave a recap of communications with the Democrats on the issues of fusion candidates and possibly dividing up seats, Progs saw some openings to work in some races especially where die hard Republicans are running. There was an exchange of legislative agendas. Some discussion of Donovan’s campaign finance taskforce, but the Democrats have not had any engagement with Donovan on the effort.

Josh discussed developments of this week in the legislature. Language was inserted into an elections process bill to prevent someone losing a Dem primary from running as a Prog in the general. This language did not pass the House even though Dems on the committee supported the language initially. Tuesday language to prevent fusion was inserted, this was removed but this could come up as an amendment. Probably safe from changes next year. The Dems are making it difficult to work with them so we should make it clear that we could run candidates up and down the ballot. There is a geographic factor. Should there be a committee formalized or should we have informal lines of communications?

Martha moved that the Progressive Party not proceed with a formal joint electoral committee with the Democrats, second by Corey by approved by acclamation.

Meeting ended at 8:00

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