Meeting Minutes – State Committee Meeting 2/19/17

Vermont Progressive Party State Committee Meeting Feb. 19, 2017

Edmunds Middle School, Burlington VT, 1-4pm


1) Meeting called to order by State Chair, Emma Mulvaney-Stanak at 1:12.

2) Announcements: platform review will begin by a 5-member committee, led by Mike Kane, county and town chairs will participate; 2 at large seats on the CoCo are open, May meeting for elections; new policy (adopted by the Coco) on rules for drafting resolutions by the state committee circulated.

3) Martha made a fundraising pitch to support full time staff and election activity.

4) Went into panel discussion of racial justice issues. Ebony Nyoni Black Lives Matter Vermont and Joanne Colwell, Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ).

5) Broke into small group discussions on the issues of racial justice.

6) 2017 VPP Legislative Agenda discussed.  Economic Justice $15 minimum wage by 2022; Property tax reform, couple school funding to income; Climate/Energy bottle bill, the unredeemed deposits go back to the state rather than to the bottlers.

7) Members of the Legislative caucus spoke: Selene Colburn on judiciary committee working on addiction issues, possible use sites, allow inmates access to addiction treatment medications, reform for  housing requirements for release; Diana Gonzalez, family leave issues, bill pending for a social insurance coverage for a 3 month leave, housing affordability and homelessness programs linking funding to a 2% rooms charge, governor may have an issue; Cindy Weed Orange 1 recount, change in the election laws to prevent this kind of problem, ethics commission bill, vital records bill, co-chair of the works caucus supporting the CNA action; Brian Cina, on the healthcare committee, looking at coping with changes on the Federal Level, testimony to be taken on a universal healthcare system, proposal to create a public bank commission to look at alternatives for the creation of a public bank for Vermont, creation of a religious tax exemption for Abenaki sites, change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day, school infrastructure investment system. Cindy Weed working on law enforcement decertification. Selene Colburn working on an Amnesty International sponsored resolution to declare Burlington an open city.

8) Adjourned the meeting at 3:50.


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