Meeting Minutes – Coordinating Committee – 1/21/17

VPP CoCo Notes 1/21/17
Conference Call due to weather/illness cancellation of in-person meeting

Present: Chair Emma Mulvaney-Stanak , Vice-chair Morgan Daybell, Treasurer Martha Abbot;  Sec. Chris Brimmer, at large Mike Kane, Carl Davis, Meg Polyte, Corey Decker, Executive Director Josh Wronski.

Absent: Autumn Martinez, Mari Cordes, and Adam Norton

  • Report on RAD meeting with James by Emma and Josh. Meeting revealed need to schedule a follow up meeting to do a more complete election debrief and identify areas for constructive collaboration and possible challenges of overlap. Emma and Josh will report back at next meeting.
  • Burlington local elections. We made 3 endorsements for city council and two other city offices. Development in Burlington is a challenging issue within the local party. There were endorsement challenges in caucus process and the candidates will not be unified on the mall development. Coburn’s seat needs to be filled and there was acrimony over the selection of her replacement. We are hoping to hold the two we have and the third is lower priority. The mayor is running attacks on the VPP which Emma has answered. The good news is competitive caucuses generate turnout. The party will support the campaigns and apply the candidate support policy ranking system. Josh has been working with the candidates to do a joint presser on the issues they agree on.
  • Platform committee forming up around Mike Kane, chair (Vergennes). Committee members confirmed to date are: Barb Prine (Burlington), Dottye Ricks (Barre Town), Matthew Riley (Rutland), and Jessica Early (Burlington).
  • 2017-2018 VPP Goals. Further discussion on fine tuning the goals. -Politics: Develop an issue oriented legislative agenda, pick the 3-4 hot button issues, with legislature in session this is a priority; voter mobilization efforts; discussion about the P vs. P/D, opinion that properly vetted D/Ps could be tactically beneficial; town committee education on endorsement issues.

-Infrastructure: bylaw and principle revisions need work incorporate into platform work; should platform work move into Politics? Emma will do so.

-Finance: link infrastructure goals directly to the fundraising goals.

5)  Racial Justice as a party policy, a guided process for next in person meeting? Need to connect

with people sooner. Suggestion we use someone from outside the party that would keep things    manageable. Quantitative approaches are also available through Crime Research Group of Vermont. Consensus to add for April Coco Meeting.
6) Feb. State Committee meeting agenda, it is Black History Month. Agreement to build agenda around racial justice work in Vermont and invite ally organizations to share their work and how VPP can get more involved. Add a fundraising pitch and possible social media pitch to increase online donations.
7) Request from RAD on raise the wage, but there are questions about having political parties in

the coalition but this may be a non-issue, will we sign on. Motion by Corey to join second by

Chris, discussion: there are two bills in the legislature, you work with the most viable one; pass

by acclamation.
8)  Tri-partisan meeting at AG office about campaign finance reform. Discussion oriented toward

opening the system so that ordinary people aren’t scared off running. April target for getting

some shape to the approach. Josh will keep us in the loop. Josh reports that Corren may be off

the hook. Josh wants input.
9) Dem Chair reaching out via Trump. Emma will keep us informed as this moves ahead.
10) Autumn wishes to step down from CoCo but wants to stay on the Labor Commission, so we

have an open slot. Morgan suggested Susan Hatch Davis, suggestion for a May State Committee

meeting date. If we can get Susan bring her on now, otherwise wait till May.
11) Rapid response. We need to create a policy/system to quickly respond to events. Take into an email discussion.


Meeting ended at 9:06

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