Meeting Minuets – Coordinating Committee Meeting – 12/10.16

Vermont Progressive Party Coordinating Committee Meeting 12/10/2016
Meeting was held at VPP offices in Burlington between noon and 4:00 PM.

Present: Chair Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, Vice-Chair Morgan Daybell, Treasurer Martha Abbot, Asst. Treasurer Megan Poylte, State Secretary Chris Brimmer, at large Corey Decker, Mike Kane, Mari Cordes, Adam Norton, Director Josh Wronski. Chair declared a quorum.
Absent: Autumn Martinez and Carl Davis

1) Membership/Outreach

Students, veterans, farmers etc. We need to speak to them directly. A committee should be formed. Need to seek natural allies, unions, student loan activists etc. Brian Cina is doing a monthly table at UVM. Need to hear from the county chairs, county and town organization is the building block. Agreement for Josh to reach out to county chairs and see who can agree to set a meeting by town meeting day. We should treat campus leaders like town chairs once we start doing outreach to colleges.


2) Fundraising

CoCo raised $1800 with Pearson match. Fundraising emails were successful. Zuckerman campaign through Meg’s email blast helped. The lists need to be developed, Zuckerman monthly newsletter. Switched to new more user-friendly autopay software timed around Zuckerman inauguration.


3) FY 2016 budget closeout

Brought in $50k and spent $50k. On revenue side online big for the first time. Often more difficult to raise money during election cycle, especially with strong candidates. Email going out to follow up with remaining candidates who still need to pay candidate support fee. Question raised about whether we need to keep Progressive Victory Fund PAC anymore. Martha will think about it and report back.


4) FY 2017 Budget and Vote

Josh to $41k as Director, will need to bump income by 5%, monthly from $2400-3000. Concern that Josh needs to actually come out ahead on a raise considering whether he needs health insurance from us for the year and if not, how mileage reimbursements work vs. a salary increase. Meg wanted to know what the numbers are for office and postage. Mari MOVES to authorize Martha to work with Josh to clarify the pay issues between benefits and wages and to examine postage and office supply line items SECOND by Adam, motion passes by acclamation.


5) Financial Policies

We are working to put written policies are in place. Initial ideas to put into written policy include:

-Chair $500 limit on non-budget items without CoCo consultation

-FY definition for budget year

-Reporting on a regular basis

-CoCo expected to help with fundraising

-Goal 2 months expenses in the bank

-At least 2 signers on accounts

-Internal 3rd party review by someone not on the financial team

-Annual review of bank policies and investments

Emma will draft initial policy in coming months and review by policy drafting team and report to Coco at a future meeting for consideration and adoption.


6) Election Debrief and Candidate Support Policy Review
Joined by Jeremy Hansen, Elections Committee Chair by phone

-Discussed RAD and fusion candidate issues

-Discussed elections committee functions

-P/D should be strategic or we should be done with fusion

-Mike suggested a SWAT be done on the fusion issue

-Candidate Support Criteria use and areas we need to expand/revise

Martha MOTION to amend support policy “candidates must be endorsed” and change policy to have gender free language, SECOND by Morgan, approved by acclamation.


7) Resolution Policy

Adam MOVED for adoption as presented, Martha SECOND approved by acclamation.


8) Platform Committee

Mike agreed to take the chair. Emma circulated some names. Discussion of demographic and geographic distribution of committee. Emma will invite 4 more committee members and hope to have a final committee by Town Meeting Day.


9) Executive Session

Meg MOVED to go into executive session to discuss personnel issues, SECOND by Adam and approved by acclamation. Martha MOVED to exit executive session, SECOND by Morgan and approved by acclamation. Adam MOVED to hire Josh as Executive Director of the VPP, SECOND by Morgan and approved by acclamation.


10) CoCo goals for 2017 discussed.
Draft of goals developed including:
a) Develop and follow legislative agenda by identifying hot button issues, b) Develop a voter mobilization plan, c) Continue to improve election infrastructure, d) Recruit more high priority candidates in 2018 who are P only or at least P/Ds, e) Increase town and county committee education in campaign cycles so they can lead strong and clear endorsement process.

a) Organize more counties/towns, b) Work to generate enough revenue to rent our own office space, c) continue to write needed organization policies, d) Develop a communication strategy that increases Party’s capacity to appear in media, respond to political events and increase social media presence.  E) Review creation of a paid intern program and how to make it sustainable.


2017-2018 goals: a) Increase monthly donors and one-time donors or maxed out people,  b) Cultivate our donors, build relationships., c) Develop budget and revenue that allows us to have paid interns in FY18.  D) Increase Coco involvement in fundraising, e)  Increase online fundraising and make it easier to donate to party., f) Switch Modos to be direct account transfers vs credit cards and also use Anedot site.

11) VPP Meeting Dates for 2017
Doodle of possible dates will be shared again. Coco will respond and confirm dates within next week.


12) Legislative Agenda discussion
Joined by Rep. Brian Cina (phone) and Rep. Diana Gonzalez. Reviewed notes from Convention meeting and prioritized list of ideas down to


Top three after discussion:

-Property Tax

-Income/minimum wage

-Climate change

Choices to be finalized in Jan.


13)  Corey moved to adjourn, second by Martha and thankfully approved by acclamation. 

Respectfully submitted by Chris Brimmer, state party secretary

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