Progressives Respond to Republican Recount Claims

For Immediate Release: January 27th, 2017



Josh Wronski

Executive Director, Vermont Progressive Party



Montpelier, VT – The Vermont Progressive Party issued a response on Friday to Republican claims of “partisan overreach” by Democrats and Progressives. The claims were made in response to a decision by the House Committee on Government Operations to move forward with conducting a second recount of the Orange-1 House race. Susan Hatch Davis narrowly lost her election on November 8th, but problems with the way absentee ballots were handled and the subsequent recount led her to petition the Vermont State House of Representatives to investigate.


Hatch Davis stated that “I want to make sure that all ballots that were properly submitted —  and are legal and valid — are counted. At this point, there are still questions around how absentee ballots were treated and the way the recount was conducted. This is not about changing the results of the election, but about ensuring that the voters of my district have an accurate vote count and the integrity of our election system is upheld”


The Progressive Party created a fact sheet to break down and respond to Republican claims. For example:


Claim: Susan Hatch Davis requested a judge order a second recount, this time by hand versus a machine count. The judge rejected this request.


FACTS: There were many issues raised during the hearing regarding the conduct of the election and recount. The judge determined that she did not have the authority to rule on the serious claim that absentee ballots were treated differently from town to town resulting in properly submitted ballots being rejected. The Judge ruled that only the Vermont State House of Representatives may rule on the conduct of the election. Following this decision, Susan Hatch Davis filed a motion with the Secretary of State to investigate the conduct of the election to ensure that all votes that were properly submitted are counted.


Find the fact sheet at:

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