Progressives Question Scott’s Plan to Merge Departments


Josh Wronski

Executive Director, Vermont Progressive Party

(802) 229-0800


Montpelier, VT – Some Progressives are questioning Governor Phil Scott’s executive order combining the Departments of Labor and Commerce.


“Efficiency in government and consolidating departments and agencies makes sense when they have overlapping missions,” said Progressive Party Chair Emma Mulvaney-Stanak. “However, merging the Labor and Commerce Departments would merge departments with some conflicting responsibilities. The Labor Department defends and supports employees’ workplace rights while the Commerce Department works to advance business interests.”

Mulvaney-Stanak stated “Both labor and small business deserve better treatment at the hands of the new administration, especially since Governor Scott has repeatedly stated his intention to work on expanding small business and making Vermont’s job market attractive to young people.  We need livable wage jobs in our state that treat workers fairly in the workplace. We also need good employers to be successful in Vermont. State government needs to remain effective in this work.”


Senator Anthony Pollina (P/D Washington County) said that this decision “raises concerns regarding potential conflicts in the missions of these two departments which may, at times, be at odds with each other. I look forward to hearing more details about this proposal and how it will impact the funding of both Departments.”



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