Local Elections 2017

Jane Knodell (P) – Central District City Council – Burlington

Councilor Knodell is a longtime Progressive and current Chair of Burlington City Council. She first served  on Council from 1993 – 1997 and served again from 1999 – 2009.  She was elected Ward Two Councilor in 2013 and Central District Councilor in 2015. Her platform includes increasing funding for affordable housing, creating living wage jobs, and fostering walkable, livable communities in the Old North End and Downtown. 




Charles Winkleman (P) – East District City Council – Burlington

Charles Winkleman is an early childhood educator, outgoing Chair of the Burlington Progressive Party, and co-founder of Fight for 15 – Burlington. He is running for the East District seat being vacated by Progressive Councilor Selene Colburn who was elected to the Vermont State House of Representatives.  Winkleman is running to strengthen communities through affordable childcare and paid family and medical leave. He plans to promote affordability by encouraging UVM and Champlain College to step up and help alleviate the housing shortage in Burlington. 



Charles Simpson (P) – South District City Council – Burlington 
Charles Simpson, retired SUNY Professor of Sociology specializing in urban and community dynamics, served on the Steering Committee of Ward 6 Neighborhood Planning Assembly and worked with All Wards NPA to organize city-wide Summits on Housing and Open Space at City Hall. .His community activism includes long-time membership on the Advisory Board for Burlington Community Gardens, work with the Pine Street Coalition seeking sensible South End development, fighting for residents’ interests with the Coalition for a Livable City, and Co-clerking the Burlington Quaker Meeting.


The following candidates have received the Progressive endorsement from their local committee but are running in a non partisan election. 

 Jimmy Leas – City Council – South Burlington 

Jimmy was inspired to run by Bernie’s call for people to run for local office. Jimmy wants to preserve the city’s open spaces and undeveloped lands. He supports the good work being done by our Energy Committee in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Jimmy is an MIT graduate and taught high school physics and biology for several years in Detroit. After completing a graduate degree in physics he became an engineer at IBM, where he was a prolific inventor for 20 years. While at IBM he read for the bar and now has his own patent law firm in South Burlington. Jimmy has lived in South Burlington for 24 years, and his two daughters attended the South Burlington public schools.


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