The Attorney General is trying to kill Public Finance. You can help save it.

The Attorney General is trying to kill Public Finance. You can help the fight to save it. Donate here:

~By Dean Corren


Since the late 1990s, Vermont has been one of a handful of states that has some form of public financing (PF) of election campaigns.  Our law explicitly realizes the need for PF to reduce the power of big money interests.  So far, it is only for Governor and Lt. Governor, although some of us have called for all elections to be publicly financed.


Our PF option is little used now, because it is greatly out of date with other election law changes, and since my LG run in 2014, it has been under attack by the Attorney General so that no one can use it without risking great personal hardship.


By succeeding with both our state (addressing the false charges and tactics of the AG against me) and federal (addressing the infringement of Constitutional rights) lawsuits, we can restore Vermonters’ option to run using only clean money based on the support of many small Vermont-only contributions – none from PACs, big money, corporations, or out-of-state interests.


With Bernie’s campaign and other events raising the awareness of the need for clean money campaigns so that people are represented rather than dollars, now is the time to move forward.


And the good news in Vermont is that our legislature still “gets it” and seems eager to improve the law.


Please take a look at the background and updates here, and consider contributing to the cause.  You can write me at: Dean Corren, 92 Brookes Ave., Burlington, VT  05401, or contribute online at:


If you have any questions or want more detail, please email me at or call me at 802-864-9916.




Shortly after the March 2016 federal order, the AG filed a response taking the position that any advocacy by a political party for a publicly financed candidate is banned.  This shocking new position against a party’s free speech goes far beyond his misapplication of the law that the federal court already discredited.


So, we have been forced to return to the federal court to stop this attack on all Public Finance and the First Amendment associational rights of candidates and parties.


Further, the AG has now engaged in a huge, irrelevant (and costly!) fishing expedition into my communications with the Progressive Party and the Bernie Sanders for US Senate Campaign.  We are strenuously resisting the AG’s tactics in state court.


While we expect to prevail, and restore the viability of Public Financing, it has cost us $13,500 so far, and we expect costs to total at least $20,000.  Supporters of Public Finance around the state have contributed $6,000 so far, but we need to spread the word, so you can also help by sharing this info.


And, now it’s easy to contribute online at:




Dear supporter of public financing and clean elections,


Thanks for looking at Ben & Jerry’s letter.  When we travelled the state during the 2014 campaign, we were thrilled at the enthusiastic reception we got for creating a meaningful positive role for the Lt. Gov. in moving the state forward: responding to Vermonters rather than lobbyist money, on a number of fronts from renewable energy jobs to healthcare reform.


But, despite a clear law, and a federal ruling that supports the obvious reading, the Attorney General continues his case, impacting our personal finances and wellbeing for over a year.


So we need to ask for your help with the cost of this ongoing litigation.  There has been much confusion in the media about this case, so feel free to call with any questions you have.



                                                            Dean Corren & Cindy Wolkin

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