Progressives Standing Firmly Behind Bernie

While out-of-touch Democratic Party leaders have lined up behind Clinton, Vermont’s Progressives continue to work like hell for Bernie! We were proud to stand behind him last summer after he announced his race for the presidency. We were prouder still to stand by him on Super Tuesday when he won every single town in Vermont!

Progs at Bernie rally Dave and Mari at bernie rally martha and colin

Progressives all over the state have been volunteering on Bernie Sanders’ campaign for president by door-knocking, phone-calling, and more. Even some of our elected Progressives have gotten in on the action!


On Feb. 5th Sen. David Zuckerman (P/D-Chittenden) and Rep. Chris Pearson (P-Burlington) spend their evening phonebanking at Bernie 2016 HQ.

zuck represents Bernie

Sen. Zuckerman also stumped for Bernie and represented Sen. Sanders at the NOFA-New Hampshire convention on Jan. 30th.


If you have any photos of yourself volunteering on the Bernie campaign, please send them to us at We’d love to feature them on our website!

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