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Kelly Mangan

Executive Director

VT Progressive Party





Vermont Progressive Party Reaches Out to Others Who Feel the Bern


Montpelier, VT  02/26/2016  –  The Vermont Progressive Party invited Vermonters who are excited about Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign to join them and consider running for office. Officials from the third-party pointed out that many Democratic leaders have lined up behind Secretary Clinton and suggested they were out of touch with most Vermonters.


Recent national polling shows that a majority of Democrats favor Bernie Sanders, while local polls show the state’s junior senator is headed for a landslide victory next week when Vermonter’s vote in the Democratic Primary. “We know many in Vermont have watched Bernie’s campaign and are proud of his stance on so many issues,” said Progressive Chair Emma Mulvaney-Stanak. She went on to invite Bernie supporters to join ranks with what she called “The nation’s most successful third party.”


Speaking in Montpelier on Friday Progressive legislators and party leaders announced an open invitation for anyone inspired by Sen. Sanders’ campaign to consider running themselves. The party hopes to field a few dozen legislative candidates. This is typically where the party focuses its resources and 2016 is no exception. “We have demonstrated, time and time again, that we push Montpelier Democrats to stand up for working families, to stand up to the big money interests and give regular Vermonters a voice in the statehouse,” said Chris Pearson (P-Burlington) who leads the House Progressive caucus. The Progressives currently have six members in the Vermont House and three in the Senate.


The Progressive Party centers its agenda on the same economic and social issues that have been recently highlighted in the Democratic campaign for the White House.  In the Legislature this year, the Progressive Caucus plans on bringing those issues home through legislation which will decrease property tax bills for most Vermonters, roll back budget cuts, provide criminal justice reform, and push for divestment from fossil fuels in state retirement programs.


The Party also is very excited by their prospects in the race for lieutenant governor this year with Dave Zuckerman gaining widespread support early on. After gains in the 2014 election cycle, the party is looking for additional qualified candidates to join the Progressive legislators in state and town government. They believe, no matter what happens to Sen. Sanders, the primaries and the general election will favor any candidate who shares Bernie’s message of economic fairness.




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