BURLINGTON, VT— Earlier today Progressive elected officials publicly endorsed Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.

“We’re endorsing Bernie because we fundamentally believe our national debate needs to change,” said Progressive House Caucus Leader Rep. Chris Pearson (Chittenden 6-4).  “Bernie puts the concerns of working families and the serious issue of climate change front and center in that debate. I doubt most Americans have heard a serious political voice like his before: it’s refreshing and I think our country is ready for it.” 

Sen. Anthony Pollina (Washington Co.) has known and worked with Bernie since the late 1980s, and said he hopes that people around the country will come to know what Vermonters already know about him: “Bernie really means what he says. It’s a rare thing to have a politician who’s so consistently committed to doing the right thing for people.”


What City Councilor Selene Colburn (Burlington – East District) respects most about Bernie is his track record of delivering tangible services to constituents– like community healthcare support, veterans benefits, and equal-opportunity economic development– while still addressing “the big-picture needs of working Vermonters.” Colburn got her start in civic engagement more than 30 years ago thanks to Bernie Sanders’ Mayor’s Youth Office, which created opportunities for struggling kids to connect with the larger community. “Without that experience and without the example of his leadership, I wouldn’t be serving as a Progressive on Burlington’s City Council today,” she said.

Rep. Susan Hatch Davis (Orange 1) said she is proud to support Bernie for president because he believes in the same things she does: “Bernie stands up for better pay, equal pay, for good union jobs, more affordable housing, and healthcare for all. He will fight to protect Medicare and Social Security. He stands with our Veterans. He doesn’t take a dime of corporate money,” she said. “He’s one of us. And I think I speak for all of us when I say, ‘Give ’em hell, Bernie!'”   

The elected Vermont Progressives who have endorsed Bernie for President include :

State Auditor Doug Hoffer (D/P)

Sen. Anthony Pollina (Washington County – P/D)

Sen. David Zuckerman (Chittenden County -P/D) 

Rep. Chris Pearson (Burlington – P) 

Rep. Susan Hatch Davis (Washington – P/D) 

Rep. Mollie Burke (Brattleboro – P/D) 

Rep. Sandy Haas (Rochester – P/D) 

Rep. Diana Gonzalez (Winooski – P/D) 

Rep. Robin Chesnut-Tangerman (Middletown Springs – P/D) 

Rep. Amy Sheldon (Middlebury – D/P) 

Burlington CityCouncil Chair Jane Knodell (P) 

Burlington City Councilor Selene Colburn (P) 

Burlington City Councilor Max Tracy (P) 

Burlington City Councilor Sara Giannoni (P) 

Winooski City Councilor Robert Millar (P)

The State Committee of the VPP will vote on presidential endorsements at its next quarterly meeting on September 19th.

Long considered to be the most successful third party in the nation today, the VT Progressive Party works to elect people to state and local office who will promote the interests of working- and middle-class Vermonters, protect the environment, defend democracy from corporate influence, and stand up for civil and human rights for all.

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