2013 Party Treasurer Candidates

Martha Abbott, Underhill, Chittenden County

Martha AbbottI am seeking the position of Treasurer of the Progressive Party. Having served as Chair of the Party for 12 years, I am thrilled that we have developed very competent and capable younger leadership. I am very pleased to be stepping down as Chair and would like to spend my time on fundraising. Money is our biggest obstacle to growth and increased success.

I am seeking the Treasurer’s position, now that Michael Bayer, who served as Party Treasurer for 14 years, is moving to Indiana (Thank you, Mike, for all your leadership and support of the party. We will miss you). Many of you know that, in my other life, I run a tax business. As such, I have been doing the payroll, payroll tax forms, and the annual 990 nonprofit tax filing for the Party for many years. Continuing to do those tasks, keeping an eye on the checkbook and the budget, and raising money for the party is a role that I am eager to focus on.

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