Resolution on Vermont’s Divestment from the Fossil Fuel Industry

WHEREAS; the economic and human cost of the climate crisis is increasing in the US and around the world,

WHEREAS; a large area of the Midwest experienced serious drought
this past summer,

WHEREAS; Hurricane Sandy demonstrated the consequences of rising ocean temperatures combined with increasingly powerful storms,

WHEREAS; the Arctic sea ice is melting at an alarming rate, contributing to a cycle of warming and rising ocean water which threatens islands and coastal areas.

WHEREAS; 20% of the US population lives on the coasts within range of the expected effects of the ocean’s rising,

WHEREAS; the world is currently on the track of a catastrophic 6 degrees Celsius of warming, despite 3 decades of increasingly desperate warnings from scientists,

WHEREAS; some estimates predict that 100 million people across the globe could die in the next 18 years because of climate change and the impacts of fossil fuel use,

WHEREAS; the US is 6% of the earth’s population but consumes 25% of the earth’s resources,

WHEREAS; scientists say that Vermont is likely to be impacted by a lack of snow and serious damage to maple trees and maple syrup production from numerous invasive species,

WHEREAS; both snow and maple trees are the foundation of a significant part of Vermont’s economy,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the State Committee of the Vermont Progressive Party calls on the elected leaders of the State of Vermont to join with colleges and universities in Vermont and across the country and with the campaign led by to divest its reserves, retirement funds and any and all other public funds from the top 200 publicly traded companies that own the majority of fossil fuel reserves and invest in energy conservation and efficiency in order to send a strong message to other states and other institutions and to provide leadership on this important issue.

Adopted November 17, 2012

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