Vermont Progressive Party Credit Card

Imagine if Vermont were to issue a state credit card. Instead of big banks making money on Vermonters’ purchases, the State could collect that money and use it to support Vermont’s struggling farms.  The proceeds could establish a fund to provide low interest loans and technical assistance to Vermont farmers.  The state could control the costs charged to merchants, which are ultimately passed along to all of us.

The Progressive Party VISA card is not that card.

Our Progressive legislators are effective in the Statehouse, even in the minority. We raise the issues legislative leadership would rather ignore, broaden the terms of the debate, and move policies supporting social justice and economic equity from ideas to reality, as we have done with single-payer healthcare and marriage equality. It is in that spirit we are launching our own credit card.

When you are accepted for the Progressive Party credit card, the party gets paid a small amount and when you use the card, the party receives a small percentage of the interest charged on the card. More importantly, you will be helping us make the point that the State of Vermont is missing an opportunity to keep funds in Vermont’s economy that currently flow to Wall Street and the big banks. These funds are badly needed in the wake of Hurricane Irene to help rebuild roads, bridges, homes and businesses.getpublicdesign-1

When Anthony Pollina ran for Governor of Vermont in 2008, he proposed that the State of Vermont should establish a state credit card.  It was a very popular idea with voters. Progressive Legislators and activists will continue to work for this policy initiative and hope that the State will eventually realize that this would be an effective economic development tool as well as a revenue raiser.

You don’t have to be a Vermont resident to apply for the Progressive Party Credit Card. Wherever you live, if you use credit cards, if you like Vermont, and if you want to support Progressives, click here to apply today for the Vermont Progressive Party credit card.

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