2010 Progressive Slate

Press Statement on Progressive Slate

Brattleboro- The State Committee of the Progressive Party met Saturday and selected a slate of candidates for the August 24th Progressive Primary election:

Governor: Martha Abbott of Underhill
Lt. Governor: Marjorie Power of Montpelier
Secretary of State: Peter Cooper of Brattleboro
Attorney General: Charlotte Dennett of Cambridge
Treasurer: Don Schramm of Burlington
Auditor of Accounts: Michael Bayer of Monkton

All six of the candidates have a long history of activism within the Progressive party leadership.

Morgan Daybell, Executive Director of the Party, explained that the State Committee has 3 major reasons for putting up a slate of candidates:

  • To have a voice in the important issues facing our state in the election campaigns ahead;
  • To keep our major party status; and
  • To ensure that genuine Progressive voices are on the Progressive primary ballot and preempt attempts by rogue candidates to use our Primary to get themselves on the ballot.

Daybell pointed out that “In prior years, several candidates from outside the party (and from other parties) have attempted to get on the ballot under the Progressive label. In past years, we have then launched write-in campaigns to protect our ballot. This year we decided to be preemptive.”

“It is important to our Legislative Caucus that we keep our major party status” Morgan Daybell, Progressive Party Director, said. “And it is important to all Progressives that we are represented by candidates who are committed to advancing our issues.”

Party Chair Martha Abbott explained that, whether all of these candidates stay on the ballot in November will depend on several factors, including who the other parties nominate, particularly the Democratic choice for Governor. “The Progressive Party will not endorse a candidate for the Democratic nomination, but we will continue to challenge all the candidates to stay strong on closing Vermont Yankee, to require Entergy Nuclear to clean up and restore the Vernon site in a timely manner and establish a transition plan for current Yankee workers, to enact a Single Payer Health Insurance Plan, and to assist working people with the challenges they face in this tough economy.”

Abbott was highly critical of the Democratic Leadership in the Vermont Legislature and the Governor to cut taxes on the wealthiest Vermonters in the last 2 days of the legislature. “The Legislature told us they were working hard all session to try to craft a budget that would not do more harm to the most vulnerable members of our community. Despite that, they cut programs that benefit people with disabilities. They cut unemployment benefits. And then, in the last 48 hours, the leadership agreed to cut the two taxes that are paid primarily by the wealthiest Vermonters, the capital gains tax and the estate tax. This major change in policy at the last minute is very disturbing.”

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