Anthony Pollina Contemplates His Future

November 4, 2009, WCAX, by Kristin Carlson

Every afternoon Anthony Pollina hosts a talk show on WDEV.

From single payer health care– to workers’ rights– it’s a similar message when he’s on the campaign trail. And now this Progressive is talking about the 2010 election.

"I’ve heard from people ever since the last election because people were encouraged by the momentum we showed," Pollina said.

Pollina surprised some- coming in second to Republican Governor Douglas; narrowly defeating the Democrat. Even so, it was his third run at statewide office and his third loss.

Pollina said, "And I sometimes what I will say to them quite honestly is, I’ve run before and haven’t won– aren’t you tired of hearing from me? I’ve literally said that to them. And most people say no, we just started hearing from you a little while ago."

Pollina says he’s considering several options including running for governor in the Democratic primary. It would avoid a split of the liberal vote and he says he’s in a good position coming off the last election.

Reporter Kristin Carlson: You have very strong Progressive roots– would it be hard for you to run in the Democratic primary?

Pollina: Without a doubt it would be difficult to run in the Democratic primary, but as you know over the years one of the things I’ve tried to do more than anything else is find ways to bring Democrats and Progressives and independents together.

Pollina says he won’t make a decision until after this Legislative session to see if candidates deliver on Progressive priorities like universal health care and closing the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. If there is action he may support a Democratic candidate, if not– it makes it more likely he’ll run.

"So if you look at just the past you would say none of them measure up– you would hope that once people say they are going to step up and try to do the right thing they would put into practice some of the things they talk about while out campaigning," Pollina said.

Carlson: So it sounds like you might be running…

Pollina: It shouldn’t sound like that. It sounds like I’ve been encouraged and I’m thinking about it.

In response to news that Anthony Pollina is considering a run for higher office in 2010 officials at the Vermont Democratic party say they are not in the business of pushing anyone out. And that if he wants to run in their primary it will be up to Democratic voters to decide if they can support someone who has been critical of the Democratic Party.

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