Economy: VPP Platform

Progressives believe that a vibrant and sustainable economy is one that recognizes preeminence of the “quality of life” concept and insists on a decent standard of living for all Vermonters. We will work to:

  • Establish and guarantee that the minimum wage must be a livable wage.
  • Advocate for the rights of workers to unionize and require all state contracts to be awarded only to businesses that pay a livable wage.
  • Insist that Vermont contract only with responsible employers that hire local employees.
  • Require that state-funded institutions buy products and services from Vermont farms and businesses wherever feasible.
  • Promote cooperative, worker-owned, and publicly owned enterprises as an alternative to huge profit-driven multinational corporations.
  • Calculate the economic impact resulting from the degradation of Vermont’s natural resources when evaluating the state’s economic development.
  • Change from Gross Domestic Product to another measure such as the Genuine Progress Indicator or Gross National Happiness indicator.
  • Fight to reverse the doctrine of “corporate personhood.”
  • Guarantee employment opportunity at a living wage to all working-age Vermonters.
  • Support the concept of a state bank.

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