Healthcare and Civil Society

Once again I am on a quest for reason and support for our fellow citizens of this State.

It seems that every time that hardworking folks gather together they are told by the powers that be that they are engaging in a class war. Well we have been in the middle of a vicious class war ever since 1970.

Now that every bit of benefit has been wrung out of wages for working people the last bastion small though it be is now under assault–that of employer provided health care.

Those who control capital cry that they cannot be completive unless they shed the cost of health care. All the while, since 1970 millions of dollars have flowed into the controllers of capital’s pocket from the ever-increasing productivity of the workers.  Until now, the American worker is the most efficient of any worker in the world and works a longer workweek than those in any other industrial country.

So what is really going on? Is this the last grab for total wage power? Have the workingmen and woman lost all sense of justice? We know that justice has never been a concern with the controllers of capital.

No, none of the above. What is afoot is the big lie and working people have in part come to believe this. The big lie is that we cannot afford a civil society with rules and process that benefit all in a common bond.

We in Vermont are so very fortunate to have Senator Sanders and the Progressive Party fighting this big lie.

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