Bob Kiss Re-elected

3 Progressive Candidates

Tuesday was a great day for Progressives and the city of Burlington. Stalwart Progressive organizing over the past thirty years combined with a re-energized base in Burlington brought home a sweet victory celebration last evening!

Mayor Bob Kiss (center) was re-elected over Republican Kurt Wright in the third round of instant run-off voting.  The final vote tally was Kiss: 4313 (51.5%); Wright: 4061 (48.5%). Democrat Andy Montroll, Independent Dan Smith, and Green James Simpson were eliminated in early rounds, when both Kiss and Wright were shy of the 50% threshold.

In Ward 2, Emma Mulvaney-Stanak (right) took roughly two-thirds of the votes, besting Democrat Nicole Pelletier 447-173.  Emma now holds the seat previously held by Jane Knodell.

In Ward 3, Marrisa Caldwell (left) edged out Democrat David Cain 498-461.  Marrisa was running to fill the seat vacated by Tim Ashe, who was elected to the Vermont Senate in November.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped out on the three campaigns, especially a frigid final week of leafletting, sign waving, and parading!

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