Blog Beginnings

I haven’t spent much time on – or is it in – blogs.

I have spent plenty of time in living rooms, town halls and other spaces talking with and listening to Vermonters. It’s time consuming, but always interesting and usually rewarding and important. The kind of conversations that build trust and create the foundation for citizen action that brings about change – whether it’s farmers, kids, construction workers, the rotary club or church group.

I can remember many times walking into a room and not knowing quite what – or who to expect.

I suppose this blog is a little like that. There are unknowns but I expect it will be interesting, suppose it can be rewarding and hope it can help us move towards citizen action and social change.

It is also a chance to better understand who we are and where we want to go, as opposed to leaving it up to the mainstream media and political opposition.

Lets start at the beginning and consider how the media has gotten to redefine “progressive.” It used to be reserved for what they considered the fringe. Now it is Howard Dean and the new Democratic congress.

Remember when that small progressive fringe movement called for “radical” things – like health care for all, moving away from property to fund education and replacing nuclear power with “real” renewable energy (in fact they used to call it “alternative” energy). So where is the mainstream now?

We can’t hold it against ’em. People are slow to accept change and it just takes awhile for the mainstream to catch up with what we are doing, saying and advocating.

The thing is – for the most part – Progressives haven’t changed when it comes to priorities. The world around us has. The issues have become better defined for many people and the things that were seen as “radical” have come to be seen as what they always were – good ole Vermont common sense.

Vermonters are populist by nature. They may not want government pushing them around, but they also sure don’t want big corporations and big money pushing them – or even their government around.

But we can leave that conversation (or is it a blog “post”) for another day.

Anyway, this thing called a blog will hopefully give us one more tool to use to build communication, gain some understanding and move things along.

We look forward to the conversation.

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